My blockchian investment story

I first herd about Bitcoin and block chain in 2010 I thought it was a interesting idea and then got on with my life.  I

Next encounter was around 2013 when I got myself a gaming PC , just because gaming is want got me into this IT life. I remembers you can mine bitcoin with powerful PC  and I get it a shot. I left the PC to mine about 24 hours did the math on electricity cost and I was behind got angry and uninstalled all the software ( never backed up the keys )

In the summer of 2017 I started hearing about it again and I decided to give it another go I bought 7 nVidia 1070 and started mining for about 6 months.

I also decided to invest in eOS since I thought a low latency blockcain is cool and I thought delegated prof of stake is the only way to do that. I did not sell it at 27 $

“every loser in Vegas thinks he could have one more”

I motivated my decision as a loyalty to the platform.

After more the 2 years of studding and listening to YouTube, I feel I lost a big amount of time. If I convert my crypt to fiat I would get more or less what I put in but I cannot account for the time….

The time I spent educating my self on this different bock chain tech and startups market, when where and will that time pay divests ?

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